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UPDATE 2/2012:  It has been a great couple of  years running PKF and I appreciate all the support.  I was offered an incredible opportunity in the consumer fishing goods market and decided to run with it.  While PKF will close its doors to sales, the blog and DIY articles will continue to live on.  Again, a special thanks goes out to each one of you that made PKF possible.

"The goal of PalmettoKayakFishing.com is to offer high quality, hand built products at reasonable prices. While other rigging retailers exist, what makes us different is our dedication to innovative goods that offer superior functionality. Every product is hand built by Paul Davis at PKF and is designed for all skill levels. We take the guesswork out of rigging so that you can focus on fishing. Our guiding principles are built on reducing some of the price barriers in the sport of kayak fishing, while maintaining the highest level of quality. We focus on a few things and do them well instead of trying to offer everything under the sun. Try some of our products and you will see our dedication to quality, craftsmanship and functionality."

Paul Davis


Paul is a Virginia native who has spent most of his life either on the water or tinkering in a workshop. From the age of 3, he began fishing farm ponds with his grandfather in Hanover County and embarked on weekend fishing tours with his dad and brothers on the Chesapeake Bay. After graduating from Hampden-Sydney College in 2001, he made a move further south to Columbia, SC and held positions ranging from Bartender to District Manager before ultimately deciding to head back to the classroom.

(Congaree River in Columbia, SC - outfitted Ocean Kayak Prowler Big Game )

Shortly after enrolling full time in the MBA program at the University of South Carolina, Paul was drawn into the sport of kayak fishing. He quickly noticed that there were few outfitters - both local and online- that supplied what he considers “standard equipment” for the kayak fishing angler at reasonable prices. Necessity coupled with a restrictive college student’s budget gave way to innovative products without the high prices most retailers demand. After receiving favorable feedback from some close friends, industry peers and family, Paul decided to go live with PalmettoKayakFishing.com.


Click on the photo above for instructions on how to build the pictured no weld kayak rack!